Who are you and what the hell do you want?

Hello good people,

First, thank you for checking out the page.

I plan on putting a ton of work into it in the near future and I hope you enjoy reading.

My name is John.  My username,Jay Fel, is an old nickname some friends gave me back in the day.

I’m an aspiring (i.e. penniless) writer living in the Metro Detroit area.

I’ve recently started a novel, which i hope to finish by spring.

In the meantime, I just have too many things to write about and figured I’d share them with you.

“At The End Of Ideology” refers to an idea that holding a single system of thought is an inadequate way to understand reality.

However, this is just a loose theme.  Saying you have no ideology is one thing, truly thinking and writing in that manner is another.

There will be plenty of articles about all sorts of things, some pictures as well.

Feel free to contact me at jayfel354@gmail.com if you have any questions, want to chat, or want to call me an asshole.

Thanks again.



  1. Lisa · January 31, 2015

    Hey! Thanks for the like. I enjoyed reading on your site. Will revisit soon. God Bless! Lisa;)


  2. Dharmasar Thero · February 1, 2015

    You’re not an asshole, but a lot of people might think you’re one because you don’t accept or join their ideology. We all have an ideology! Even if our ideology is that we don’t have one. I would rather call it an ontology: the set of categories of meaning and existence, beliefs and assumptions through which we interpret our experience. The Buddha was perhaps the first thinker who created an ideology of no-ideology. He taught a process of coming to the end of suffering, which also happens to be the end of being and becoming, consciousness of the world and so on. Utterly radical. You really should check it out.


  3. Heather · February 4, 2015

    Thank you for your interest in my current posting. I must admit it’s a little puzzling, as your writing appears to be somewhat less enthusiastic regarding the Christian faith…but I figure it can’t hurt to tag along with you for a while to get a better understanding of your perspective. 🙂


    • jayfel354 · February 4, 2015

      Thank you Heather, I try to read everything I can find. Non believers sometimes get so worked up that they become guilty of many things they accuse believers of doing. They say they hate the rules, formulas, and dogmas of Christians and then create a ton of rules, formulas, and dogmas for atheists to follow. seems strange to me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Heather · February 4, 2015

        Yep, the craving for boundaries of some sort is a fairly universal human tendency, regardless of religious inclination. It’s a ponder-worthy dilemma.


  4. jayfel354 · February 4, 2015

    I like your idea of using ontology to get at what ideology means. If we figure out somethings essence, we really know the thing. We can really judge it. I’ve studied Buddhism in the past, but definitely could learn a lot more. I think if people took ideas like nothingness more seriously, they may have a better chance of seeing something worth seeing. Not exactly a Buddhist point, but it’s something I have took from his teachings.


  5. Opher · February 4, 2015

    There are no rules. there is no nothing.
    Keep on guessing.
    Best wishes
    Opher speaking from the void that is Opher’s World


  6. realistrose · February 11, 2015

    Had a good laugh at the title. I like what you’re doing here.


  7. Laissez Faire · February 13, 2015

    Hey, I saw you visited my blog. I just read one of your posts and it’s bit to heady for me to digest this early in the morning with a three year old buzzing in my ear and a five year old trying to climb on my back. I’ll have to return later!


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